Prospect Moto Camping // OR


That time of year rolled around once again, the one that marks me getting one year older in life. Continuing on with the tradition formed years ago I set out to Oregon in search of good times on two wheels with my good friend Dave Reuss. This year we explored an area not far from the epic Crater Lake called Prospect. 

We set up camp in the woods with the river at our feet and the trails just a short putt away. Come morning of the first ride out, we tried to align a route of single track that would make good use of the morning. After having a little trouble orienting ourself we finally made it onto what seemed like the right trail.

Out in front, with Dave shortly behind I was faced with the first climb of the day. Riddled with loose ruble and stair like rocks— I wrenched down on my throttle only to recieve a bogged motor. With some quick flicks of the clutch and a few choice words under my helmet the XR let out a sigh of exhaustion and shut off. 

Tinkering and discussing with Dave we assessed that the altitudes and my jetting were not getting along. Trying to figure out a mod for the situation we adjusted the air screw in and out and got it to a point of satisfaction. 

Starting at the rocky slope again we powered up and were treated with a fast and bermy trail laid out with fresh soil. Turns out the day we showed u


—Right before the first climb my XR shit the bed. 


—Met the small crew that maintains trails out there. Carrying around a 44" bar on your back while motoing is serious business

—Beach camping in the woods

—Dave Reuss on the Husky. My XR was tough to maneuver on these switchbacks!


After a couple days of ripipng motos through the woods and atop ridges we packed up the bikes and headed North. Dave’s wife Casey, baby Axel and our friend Sarah ended up meeting up with us on the drive home for some hot springin’! On the side of a mountain, looking down upon the UMPQUA river flows a series of hot springs fully equipped with timber framed canopy. After throwing around the big bike on the tight trails the warm water of the UMPQUA really hit the spot.


—Hippy family portrait: Chris, Dave, Axel, Casey, Sarah, Snacks Dog