Oregon Travel Banjo Build
PII // Bend, OR


After a morning of carving in Norther California (see Part I) I sent out on my way to Oregon. As the odometer ticked by the red clay slowly blended into a white powder and the asphalt of the road became a rich black. Finally making it to Bend I met up with my old Woodward BMX friend Dave Reuss (and his sidekick snacks dog). After catching up we planned some snowmobile shredding while I was in the area. The next day while Dave was at work I made use of his garage and continued on the banjo build. 


With the neck shape mainly there from the previous day I began working on cleaning up the draw knife cuts and refining some of the curves with a large rasp. Then moving on to getting a smooth surface by using a card scrapper. These scrappers are great, they nearly cut out any sanding one would need. The planed surface it leaves is quite smooth and all from a simple bur rolled over on a piece of sheet metal. The tricky part with it is understanding how it works and how to put the burr on but experimenting and experience will eventually aid in this know how. I finished off the night by drilling the holes in the pot, to connect it to the neck.


Lucky for me Dave just got himself a new sled which meant i could (try) to shred his old one. Let me tell you, those things are not easy to ride. It’s like you’re atop a raging hog that wants to go one way regardless of the way you want to go. You really gotta use all your weight in an exaggerated manner to trick it into going where you intend. But theres something pretty amazing to be able to smash up any hill and ride over everything, not worrying about rocks or fallen logs. The snow really opens up so many possibilities.