Oregon Travel Banjo Build Shasta ,Ca


In my last semester of college I started getting back into woodworking and had carved up a stool + mountain banjo as my final project for a furniture class I took. During that time of carving up the banjo I was dreaming up banjo number II. A travel banjo that had a shorter neck, light weight, and could be taken with me on my travels. At some point I conceived the idea of making the travel banjo while traveling. It seemed perfect, let travels inform the outcome of where the end product would live. 

Upon graduating backed with both the motivation of this project and the lack of a shop + woodworking tools I began scouting for tools. Through my travels I made an effort to stop at different antique stores to find the different carving tools that I would need. This was a very long process but at some point I was equipped with a small tool roll of old yet very high quality steel tools that would enable to me make once again. So I gathered up tools and roughed out a loose trip to oregon and went on my way.


With sight of the blue ridged mountains and snow covered shasta peak I began my banjo build. Making use of an abandoned couch I tightened down my mini vice and clamped down a piece of maple. Using a draw knife I peeled back large strips of wood, outlining the general curvature of the necks backside. After breaking for some coffee, oatmeal and a quick tune on the 5 string I was back at it. Moving to a smaller blade of the spokeshave I began refining contours into something more in tune with with the hand. Warm from the work and satisfied with my labors I packed up and continued North to Oregon.