After 8 hours of sailing through the Pacific (see Part I) we ended up at one of the Channel Islands called Catalina. With a plan of anchoring there for a few days I decided to break away from the group for a bit and do some backpacking on the island. The next morning my buddies gave me a dingy ride to land and I set out. The first leg of the hike was a 1,700 ft climb before leveling off for a bit. When I made it to the peak I took a break and started carving up a cherry wood flute. It was pretty wild being up there with every direction you look being pure blue, nothing but the sea. Upon following the ridge for some time I made the descent down where I had a run in with America’s famous bison. I’ve only had experiences with these massive creatures in Yellowstone and was extremely surprised to find them out there in the middle of the sea. Early sailors must have shipped them over long ago where they managed to avoid the slaughter of the 1800’s. Not to far from my new friend I set up camp on the beach, whittled on the flute some and sparked my fire with its shavings. Late into the night I was awaken by a loud horn and the shout of my name. To my surprise it was my friends, who had sailed to my part of the island that day. We re-sparked the fire and shared some beers before turning in.