Buel’s Flowtrack Build PI


Throughout the past year I’ve been spending more time building trails for bikes with wheel sizes larger than 20. It’s a little different but the majority of the same principles carry over. One weekend not to long ago my neighbor Troy told me his friend Buel was trying to shape up a line on his property out in Bonny Doon. Knowing the beautiful landscapes of Boony Doon plus another reason to shovel dirt with friends I was on board. We loaded up Troy’s sprinter van and headed out. No further than 300 feet from home a friendly wave from the neighbor was reflected by an invite to dig which had us a few more bodies on board psyched to shape up some dirt. 

Making our way through the windy grade of the Santa Cruz mountains we arrived at Buel’s place. Greeted by Buel and his wife Trish plus a small pack of dogs we got a tour of their private haven. Motos, rope swings, mtb trails and make shift slides are just a handful of the fun things scattered around their property. 


—Buel Prophet and his John Deere


—Troy Turvy laying some tracks

With a youthful spirit of creativity and endless energy you would never guess Buel’s age. It’s a pleasure to spend time time out there with him and gather mental notes of how to live a good life. We pushed some dirt around, packed in a few rollers and berms and sunk in a couple of fresh tire marks before calling it a day. Check back later for our next visit to ride it in some and continue shaping the line down the hill.