My favorite time to play the banjo is in the midst of a hike, out on a ridge with no one around. The great thing about the moto is being able to go farther and have a blast doing it. Since I picked up my xr600 I had been thinking about how I could get the banjo on board for the fire road/single track adventures. I got some rope and a bungee chord and experimented with different positioning and placements for it along side a backpacking bag. The banjo needed to stay narrow with the bike, not stick up too tall and be somewhat protected for when I lay the bike over. I looked through the web and didn’t find much when it came to carrying instruments. Even simple racks seemed far and few for my bike which was even more reasoning to build something custom. 

At the end of a moto camping trip with some buds in the Santa Cruz Mountains I got to talking with my friend Dustin who builds custom choppers. He seemed stoked on the idea and offered to lend me a hand in welding up the rack. We picked up some steel from Orchard Supply and made our way to his garage shop in San Jose. With some sketching and playing around with some metal benders we came up with a design that would be easy to make. We cut out tubing down to size, bent some corners and Dustin went to work laying down some beads while I documented it coming together.